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Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony: The Unfortunate Reactions

She’s wearing clothes behind that artsy blurPhoto: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony posted the look book for Chloë Sevigny’s new line on its Website yesterday, and bloggers — us included — are all aflutter with judgment. This is Sevigny’s second line exclusively for the boutique, and she even models the clothes in the look book, which includes images veiled with a blur that is so artsy it prevents human eyes from seeing the clothes altogether. We thought the blur would have done service to some especially ugly outfits. But some of our peers disagreed. We’ve compiled opinions and pictures after the jump.

FabSugar says
: “It’s mostly eccentric, but did we expect anything else from the quirky actress? I’m talking gingham, florals, and fun frocks — with an early ‘90s reference. I’d definitely wear individual pieces, though in a slightly more polished way.”
We say: We can’t say we’d wear any of it, especially that T-shirt on the right. Sevigny must not have gotten the memo: When the florals come out in warm weather, so do the boobs.

Pink Rock Candy says: “The clothes are obviously ultra fresh in an ‘I love Clueless’ sort of way. I love the way she mixed pieces I never would have thought to mix (leopard leggings and below the knee pencil skirt?)”
We say: Clueless is not fresh, and there’s a reason you never would have thought to mix leopard leggings with a checked powder-blue-and-white pencil skirt. Wasn’t it Cher who used the term “hagsville”?

Fashionista says: Crop tops, bobby socks, leather “Ricky-from-Project-Runway” hats, turbans, zippered spandex bodysuits – I’m feeling sick.”

We say: Nausea is contagious. Sevigny looks like she was on her way to the salon to get a much-needed dye job and concealed her gnarly roots with the only hat she could find. And socks and shoes on the left: no, no, no, NO.

Fashionista says: “When I was seven, my mom bought me a matching floral tank and shorts. I threw a temper tantrum and threw the ensemble out the window - this stirs up familiar feelings. Maybe I would like the clothes that are stuck behind those floaty, artsy clouds?…”

We say: Funny, Sevigny looks rather sheepish about her floral ensemble as well. Maybe she hid behind the cloud to conceal her ensuing shame along with whatever atrocious outfit she’s got on.

Jezebel says: “Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony looks, well, like the crazy prepster-indie-skater-prairie girl shit you normally see on … Chloe Sevigny.”

We say: Agreed. We overheard Chloë Sevigny raving to one of the Olsen twins about the Olsens’ clothing line backstage at Fashion Week in New York. Maybe she was sucking up to her because she thought these looks might be something the girls would wear.

We can’t resist noting: These outfits look like the stuff the day-care counselors who scared us the most as children wore.

We can’t resist noting: We don’t want to see anyone wear leopard flats with skinny, high-waisted, CHECKED pants. In fact, we don’t want to see anyone wear the shoes or pants, period. Also, if we saw a girl walking down the street in that dress, we’d instantly judge her, and you all know how.

Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony: The Unfortunate Reactions