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Christian Siriano Gets Backers and a Free Bed

F*erce hot mess Siriano now has something to sleep on.Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Try as we might, we can’t ignore Christian Siriano. Normally Project Runway winners don’t stay in the spotlight for postshow achievements, but Siriano might be the first. WWD reports today Siriano found backers for his line on Monday, which is gosh darn fast. He’s currently on a “West Coast whirlwind” tour:

[Siriano] flew to Los Angeles with a rack of clothes, including the ruffled dress he created for Victoria Beckham in the show’s last episode. He greeted fans, including retailers Cameron Silver and Tracey Ross, at a dinner in his honor at the Roosevelt Hotel Wednesday night, and said he was meeting with Beckham on Thursday to fit her in more pieces he designed for her … [Siriano] said, “Some woman just asked me to make her wedding dress. I took one look at her ring and was like, ‘Let’s go, girl!’”

How delightfully shallow! Following the equally delightful Runway spoof he inspired on Saturday Night Live, Siriano will continue his television foray with a cameo on Ugly Betty (he’ll play the person he loves most: himself) and an appearance on the Tonight Show. Also, since his New York apartment was so sad and furniture-less, W Hotels gave him a bed. We don’t know how Siriano is going to fit it anywhere, but note to W Hotels: He’s not the only poor person in New York living in a closet with no furniture, thankyouverymuch.

Here’s another shocker: Siriano used the F-word to describe his newfound fame. We are so over it we refuse to type it anymore. Tyra Banks really should’ve trademarked that shit a long time ago.

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Christian Siriano Gets Backers and a Free Bed