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Christian Siriano Dresses Heidi Klum, Dates a Brooklynite

Fierce is out!Photo: Patrick McMullan

Christian Siriano had been rubbing elbows with celebrities on the West Coast, but he’s finally back in New York. Last night, at the Mercedes-Benz BlueTec Auto Show kickoff party, we caught up with the Project Runway winner — when he wasn’t chatting up fashion-world insiders like Fern Mallis and the Heatherette boys. How did he feel about being dubbed the next Marc Jacobs by Tim Gunn? “I thought of [Gunn] as a mentor for so long on the show,” Siriano said. “And then when it’s over, you’re, like, scared that they’re going to kind of go away. But they don’t. They’re better. They’re pushing you more to do more and do well. So I think he really wants me to do well, which is nice.” Aw, shucks, Tim. Siriano said “a lot of strange things happened” since his big win, including fitting both Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum for clothes. He shockingly spared us from using “fierce” the whole interview, opting for adjectives like “fabulous” to describe Beckham and “amazing” to describe Klum. He added that Beckham was “so down to earth” when he fitted her at her house in L.A. As for Klum? “On the show, you know Heidi, but you never, like, get to dress her. So that was different,” he said.

Unlike ex-Runway contestant Malan Breton, Siriano is actually getting laid. Brad, his boyfriend of five months, stood at his side. “I live in Manhattan, and he lives in Brooklyn,” Siriano said, adding he’s trying to keep his personal life private. Unfortunately for Brad, Siriano doesn’t dress him like he does Beckham and Klum. “I don’t do menswear that much. It’s too hard,” he said. Since we were at an Auto Show party, we had to know what the hell this Manhattanite would do with his new Saturn, one of his prizes for winning Project Runway. “I’m going to sell it!” he laughed. “Give me some money!” We have no doubt he’s got a lot of that coming his way. — Bennett Marcus

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Christian Siriano Dresses Heidi Klum, Dates a Brooklynite