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Contestants Turn on ‘Project Runway’

Siriano, misty-eyedPhoto: Courtesy of Bravo

Has Project Runway gone stale? Season-four runner-up Jillian Lewis and winner Christian Siriano think so. Lewis tells WWD:

“Personally, watching it, they need to change the format or something to refresh the love people have for the show.” … [Lewis] felt the show could last, “maybe another season or two. I love the show, but now it feels it’s easier to predict what’s going to happen.”

Aw, is somebody being a sore loser? Just because Christian won the fan favorite award and the whole show and got Tim Gun to say the word “fierce” doesn’t mean the show’s over. But oddly enough, the big winner agreed with Stewart:

“This was a really hard season to beat, and I’m kinda worried about next season, because I feel like it’ll be compared to our season,” he said. “I’m thinking they need to change it up, but I don’t want them to change it for the better ‘cause then I’ll be jealous.”

Hold the phone. We’re not tired of the show, honey. We’re getting a little tired of your attitude. Yes, Siriano’s talented, and yes, he let his fierceness shield down and cried in the finale. But didn’t you just want to flatten his hair and slap him across the face now and again? Learn from the master, son: Tim Gunn will always make it work for us.

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Contestants Turn on ‘Project Runway’