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Dating Advice from May Andersen

May Andersen waits for her dream man.Photo: Getty Images

Do you miss Sex and the City? Enter May Andersen. We caught up with the model and her unruly past at the after-party for the Cinema Society screening of Stop Loss at the Gramercy Park Hotel last night, where she pontificated about dating in New York. She was so docile and chatty that we almost forgot her rap sheet includes battery, resisting arrest, and disorderly intoxication charges. Last night, she was all Carrie Bradshaw. “[New York]’s a good
place to meet people. You just have to really know where you meet them. You can judge from where you meet them, like what’s going to happen in a relationship. Know what I mean?” she said. “If I was gonna give someone advice [about where to meet people], I would say like an art show, somewhere like that.” Andersen, who has lived in New York for ten years, recommends keeping the boyfriend-hunting out of strip clubs and dirty dive bars (news flash!) and notes Europeans usually make good dates. They come with accents, after all.

Speaking of Europe, Andersen said she misses the continent’s freedom to go topless at pools and beaches. Once she took off her top to tan at a hotel in L.A. and was told to put it back on because it was illegal. “I was like, ‘What? I hate tan lines, come on!’” she said. Her solution? “I change like every half-hour so I don’t get a tan line. Which is a pain in the ass.” Funny, the laws she chooses to obey… — Darrell Hartman

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Dating Advice from May Andersen