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Donna Karan Dances, and Leo Squires Non-Models

Donna Karan, dancing queen.Photo: Getty Images

Roberto Cavalli may have his own brand of vodka and chain of tacky nightclubs in the works, but he’s not the only designer who knows how to shake his tail feathers. On Saturday night we spotted Donna Karan at the Box dancing up a small storm — and with a handful of good-looking young men, to boot. Swilling what looked like beer straight from the bottle, she appeared both amused and perplexed by the venue’s cabaret acts, which featured naked performers with red makeup on their private parts.

We dare say Donna out-partied Leonardo DiCaprio, who hid at the opposite end of the mezzanine under an unattractive baseball hat and departed long before Karan. He left holding the hand of a girl the Cut and friends agreed was pretty but who was — gasp — not a model. Enhancing shock factor, Movie Star and Random Girl left by taxi.

Despite awful daylight saving time (we always hate to lose an hour at the bar) and the awkward naked stage show, it was a refreshing Saturday night: We always thought Leo was too smart for models. And as for Donna, we always knew she’s amazing but never pegged her for a cougar. It’s so nice to see women like her — rather than accented, swarthy men like Cavalli — partying. You know, Donna, we’re always open for a new best girlfriend.

Donna Karan Dances, and Leo Squires Non-Models