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Sari Sloane of Intermix Likes Chloé and Stella

From left: Chloé and a double dose of Stella McCartney.Photos: Imaxtree

With the Paris shows finally coming to a close, we had our spies — er, buyers — from Intermix and Bird send dispatches on their picks of the week. Sari Sloane, Intermix’s VP of fashion merchandising, loved Chloé’s organza dresses and Stella McCartney’s chunky knits.


A “pretty” collection for the Chloé girl featured all of her favorites: flowers, embellishments, detailing, and appliqués. There were organza dresses layered under tailored overcoats and coyote-trimmed jackets to crystal-detailed full skirts paired with shrunken cropped blazers. Overall, the collections was a combination of feminine looks with a masculine edge and luxurious pieces that inspire carefree simplicity.

View a slideshow of the Chloé collection.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney presented a strong, functional, and multifaceted collection featuring her signature chunky knits in solid and striped gun-metal grays as well as feminine silk dresses in both warm and cool palettes. Stella juxtaposed soft and sexy volume alongside heavy and chunky pieces. Highlights were fun and flirtatious off-the-shoulder dresses in stormy hued-wools, oversize scarves, washed-mohair sweaters, and playfully layered chiffon. Heavy platform knee-high wedges, booties, and stilettos complimented both head-to-toe knit dressing and flowy frocks.

View a slideshow of the Stella McCartney collection.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what Bird’s Jen Mankins has to say!

Sari Sloane of Intermix Likes Chloé and Stella