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Hooray for the Inevitable! ‘Hills’ Star Whitney Port Launches Clothing Line

Whitney Port: “Swarm” memberPhoto: Getty Images

Let’s recap the recent career highlights of the Hills stars in actual reality, shall we? Lauren Conrad unveiled her new collection at L.A. Fashion Week on Tuesday. Heidi Montag, fast on L.C.’s heels, is launching her own clothing line soon. And who could forget the fake duet she recorded “with” Britney Spears? Even Montag’s boyfriendorsomething Spencer Pratt is writing an advice column for Radar. Who’s not on the boat yet? The cutestest, bestest — and our most favoritest — cast member Whitney Port. Well, now she’s got her own clothing line, and it sounds like it’s actually going to be — dare we say it? — classy. It’s called Eve & A, according to WWD, and its fall line of “cocktail and partywear” debuts today in an L.A. showroom.

Port doesn’t have a degree like Conrad from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (judging by the reviews and tepid applause Conrad got at her show, it doesn’t help much anyway), but Port has designer genes (zing!). Her dad Jeff owns the company Swarm, which makes a young-men’s line called Shades of Gray. (Swarm — also the nickname of Whitney’s seven-member family — is backing Eve & A.) Her line boasts seventeen pieces, including convertible dresses, tops, and jackets that wholesale for $40 to $250 (a bit more than double that for retail), which means, we hope, they’ll be pretty decent quality.

Port and Conrad are still interning for public-relations firm People’s Revolution. Port even worked the front of the house at L.A. Fashion Week for them. Hey — she and Conrad have to keep their “friendship” and TV show going somehow.

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Hooray for the Inevitable! ‘Hills’ Star Whitney Port Launches Clothing Line