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How We Offended Stylist–cum–Reality Star Rachel Zoe

Hisssssssssss.Photo: Patrick McMullan

At last night’s Cinema Society after-party for Sleepwalking at the Soho Grand Penthouse, Rachel Zoe took a few seconds between smokes, air kisses, and her BlackBerry to chat with the Cut. She was one of the few revelers uninterested in Spitzer speculation. “I want to stick to fashion,” she said. Okay! How about that reality show she’s filming right now? “I wouldn’t say it’s a reality show. It’s an unscripted documentary series.” A world of difference indeed — watch out, Sundance! Zoe says there’s so much more to the show than the undoubtedly fascinating inner workings of her life. “[It’s] really about the designers, my heroes in fashion. A positive look on what goes on, you know? It’s the process.” Sounds deep. Zoe declined to discuss any scenes, though we saw her filming the show during New York Fashion Week, first at a party for the Marc Jacobs documentary at the Mercer Hotel. At first we thought she was interviewing the celebrities in a corner on the couch, but then realized she was just “having casual conversations” with them. She did the same thing at the Erin Fetherston after-party.

Just as our jolly cigarette-scented banter was about to end, a natty British dude said hello and Rachel turned cheery. “He did a piece on me for British Vogue. He was incredibly kind and incredibly honest. That was refreshing.” Does that mean that not all journalists are so, er, refreshing? “I’ll let you answer that.” That reminds us! Had she spoken with new mommy and ex-client Nicole Richie, who supposedly called Zoe “raisin face”? Quick change! “You said you’d be nice,” she said. “Good night.” We’d have gone in for the air kiss, but we hate the smell of cigarettes. — Justin Ravitz

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How We Offended Stylist–cum–Reality Star Rachel Zoe