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Is Feisty Eve the Next Face of Cartier?

Eve’s got a new gig.Photo: Getty Images

Eve’s PR machine must be in overdrive these days. According to the New York Post, she (or one of her friends) had a rumble at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and allegedly pushed a girl down the stairs. Now Fashionista’s reporting that she’s the new face of Cartier’s next Love Charity bracelet. Sales of the limited-edition Love bangles go to a good cause, and Julianne Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Mendes, and Rachel Weisz have all loaned their faces to sell them.

Maybe Cartier stole a hip-hop cue from Marc Jacobs, who had rapper Pharrell guest-design a line of jewelry for Louis Vuitton. Or maybe they want to tap into the “bad girl” market like Stefano Pilati, who has reportedly employed Naomi Campbell to follow up fellow troublemaker Kate Moss in the next Yves Saint Laurent campaign. Either way, Eve’s campaign opens Cartier up to a new audience, and in a troubled economy, it’s probably in the nick of time.

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Is Feisty Eve the Next Face of Cartier?