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Is Marc Jacobs Engaged?!

Jacobs and Preston.Photo: Getty Images

Marc Jacobs’s on-off boyfriend, Jason Preston, is engaged (or at least according to his Facebook profile), and Gawker assumes, as one naturally would, that the lucky fella is Marc Jacobs. If this is true, it would make us rather sad since we’ve interviewed Marc Jacobs several times and have found him a really sweet person, while on more than one occasion Preston was standing at Jacobs’s side tugging on his sleeve and pouting and trying to prevent his lover from doing his job. He once even admitted to us he gets annoyed when Jacobs does interviews! Healthy relationship? Hm. Secondly, we saw Preston on Tuesday at Ashlee Simpson’s record-release party at Marquee (we risk our dignity to bring you the facts, people!), and he was kind of all over another guy. Granted, Preston’s other plaything could’ve been totally fair play (after all, it’s not as if we even know if MJ and Preston are together in the first place), but still.

Preston’s MySpace page lists him as in a relationship and doesn’t confirm the engagement, but is quite amusing. He writes in his “about me”:

I love boys with muscle they r me weakness. I do a lot of crazy things that sometimes freak me out like I like to taste my dog’s food.Sometimes after whiping my ass i’ll smell the toilet paper. I pick my nose & give it to the dog & I love to smell my pits. A friend of mine calls me “a little piggy”.

We hope this guy isn’t the reason Jacobs works out every day.

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Is Marc Jacobs Engaged?!