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Jessica Stam Has a Killer Walk But Still Falls Down

Stam walks Dolce & Gabbana fall ‘08Photo: Getty Images

Jessica Stam books runway shows the way Kimora Lee Simmons applies body shimmer: a lot and often. It’s all in her walk, of course. Stammy teaches a DKNY intern her moves in today’s Wall Street Journal. Many elements go into the perfect strut: Shoulders should be down and back; the head must be held high with eyes fixed on a high point in the distance; pockets should be filled with hands; strides have to be long so clothes move; and handbags are not to be swung about willy-nilly (lest you smack front-row guests like Anna Wintour in the face).

The last and most dangerous element? Shoes. Dreaded six-to-seven-inchers that don’t even fit. We know: cruel. One patent-leather pair at Chloé some seasons back caused Stammy to do her now-infamous face-plant on the runway. In front of everyone. Embarrassing! Stam brushes it off today and tries to avert nerves by pretending people aren’t focusing on her. “I think about how they are probably concentrating on the clothes — or on themselves,” she says.

Back to the fall. Yes, it’s on YouTube! Even better, there are more model falls and stumbles, all for your viewing pleasure. After all, with Paris Fashion Week long gone, you must be in runway withdrawal (the d.t.’s are a bitch, we know).

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Jessica Stam Has a Killer Walk But Still Falls Down