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Lauren Bush Tries Not to Dress Dangerously

First niece, Lauren BushPhoto: Getty Images

George Bush’s niece Lauren Bush has taken a moment to pontificate in the London Times about getting dressed and being a debutante. You know, the things that really matter (to us, at least), like how she was forced to wear ugly bunny outfits on Easter as a child and how she really enjoys hitting the New York party circuit with boyfriend David (son of Ralph) Lauren on her arm. And let’s not forget her modeling days! She recalled one particular photo session where she interacted with the locals:

My most embarrassing modeling moment was one Passover when we were on Coney Island, New York, where lots of conservative Jews live. It was a swimwear shoot, but luckily the theme was Fifties so nothing was too scandalous. Anyway, a crowd of Hasidic teenagers surrounded the camera. I was so embarrassed, I felt like I was corrupting them on a religious holiday.

That’s not awkward! But seriously, we must give credit to the gal for all her humanitarian efforts. She’s often traveling to Third World countries like Guatemala to fulfill her role as honorary spokeswoman for the United Nations World Food Program. No, she doesn’t bust out the resortwear and platform sandals for those.

What I wear on these trips is more important than you might think. I don’t want to be the big whitey standing out in the crowd, so I usually buy local garments and try to blend in. We went to Chad in 2005, where the society is predominantly Muslim and women cover their heads. My friend had her ponytail showing and this little boy starting hitting her with a stick.

See! The wrong attire can be dangerous.

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Lauren Bush Tries Not to Dress Dangerously