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Lindsay Lohan, Fur Schizophrenic

Fake or faux, Linds?Photo: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan was spotted yesterday arriving in New York wearing a “No Fur” pin (as well as some really unflattering high-tops, but that’s another issue). We scoffed immediately — Lohan doesn’t have fashion principles! Hasn’t this girl attempted every fashion trend, big furs included? Why yes, yes she has. Let’s examine Lindsay’s sordid history with fur (and PETA), shall we?

As recently as this past January, Lohan was caught in fur leaving Da Silvano, and PETA wasn’t pleased (shocker). She made their Worst Dressed list this year for doing magazine shoots donning fur and leather. She’s got a history of this stuff, too: LiLo was also scheduled to top the PETA naughty list in 2006, but escaped damnation after promising PETA VP Dan Matthews she was trying to rid her closet of fur. Of course, she then went back to wearing fur as soon as PETA looked away.

Flash forward to March 2008, and Lindsay’s playing Little Miss Anti-Fur again. Perhaps in reaction to the latest PETA snub? Or maybe she heard about Natalie Portman’s vegan shoe line? Could it be that the constant affirming of how pulled-together her post-jail life is might be hollow? Whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem to be genuine. Oh, for shame, Linds: You’re such a plastic. —Kendall Herbst

Lindsay Lohan, Fur Schizophrenic