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Marc Jacobs’s Boyfriend, Jason Preston: Bar-Fight Hero

Preston, a knight in shining gay armor.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Marc Jacobs’s boyfriend, Jason Preston, seems to have a seedling of good in him after all. He boldly sacrificed himself outside of Hiro on Sunday to defend a girl who was disrespected at the bar. The New York Post reports:

A spy outside the West 16th Street club at 4 a.m. on Monday told us, “A guy threw his drink at another guy and hit an innocent girl in the chest instead, soaking her and making her cry.” That’s when Preston told the jerk to apologize and, “in a split second the guy punched Jason in the face.” The fight continued outside, where the club-goer “pulled Jason in the street and started punching him all over.” Preston told us, “I thought I was doing the right thing. I felt someone should stand up for her … It was a horrible night, but I’m fine.”

If only chivalry could make up for his voracious appetite for publicity. We mean, how often does the Post actually get comments for items like these? Not often — no one wants or has the time to give ‘em. Except for Preston, that is. He’s always available for comment. Why, do you need one?


Marc Jacobs’s Boyfriend, Jason Preston: Bar-Fight Hero