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Breaking: Marc Jacobs Not Restocking Hillary Tee!

Photo: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Hillary won Ohio and Texas, but the Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker Street isn’t having any of it. After a rather unpleasant shopping trip revealed that the store’s supply of Marc’s famous Hillary T-shirts was limited to an inconvenient size large, a Jacobs rep has just informed us that the T-shirts are now, suddenly, a limited-edition affair:

Hello -
Sorry for the delay. I’ve inquired about a re-order and at this time we are not planning to order additional quantities.

Well, that’s pretty cut-and-dried. Doesn’t it seem, given last night’s wins, that now would be precisely the time they’d want to reorder? Dammit, Marc. So freaking exclusive, aren’t you? Keep an eye out for Obama’s people to seize a high-end cotton opportunity here.

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Marc Jacobs Brings Back the Hillary Tee

Breaking: Marc Jacobs Not Restocking Hillary Tee!