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Men’s-Only J.Crew to Open in Tribeca

Liquor Store no more: the site of the new men’s J.Crew.Photo: Melissa Hom

Not content to rule just the gingham-dress and mix-and-match-bikini realm, J.Crew is invading Tribeca. Specifically, the old Liquor Store space. What, you were hoping a bar would open there? Ha, no. “We loved the space,” J.Crew’s CEO Millard Drexler told DNR. “It has a lot of soul. We were looking and we found this very cool spot.” And? This won’t be any old J.Crew. They’re keeping the bar intact because it’s a “fun thing,” and the joint will be a special men’s-only store.

We’re going to have fun communicating the kind of men’s clothes that we’re designing and selling.” It will carry a “highly edited” assortment of “the best-of-the-best” of the J. Crew men’s collection, including “all our special goods and more novelty items,” Drexler said. That will include the company’s Collector’s Items, its upscale, limited-edition pieces, as well as items on its “Always List,” must-haves that every man should own. For spring, the list includes broken-in T’s, cotton/cashmere cardigans, madras ties and lightweight chinos.

We won’t say what this reminds us of exactly, since we haven’t seen the store yet — but let’s say it’s not quite the first of its kind in the neighborhood. There just might be a little turf war come May or June when the new Crew opens its doors.

If you’re having trouble imaging the bar-as-retail thing, we peeked inside yesterday. Concrete imagery after the jump.

Now just imagine it filled with seersucker.Photo: Melissa Hom

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Men’s-Only J.Crew to Open in Tribeca