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Miuccia Prada Is the New Anna Wintour

Photo Illustration: iStockphoto

Look around your workspace. You likely have a calendar taped to the wall. Perhaps there’s a Post-it next to it with a phone number you must remember to call today. You might also have a framed photo of your cat — perhaps wearing a funny hat, so cute! — next to your monitor. If this sounds like you, and you happen to work in the Prada offices, you better drawer that shit stat or get ready for the pink slip. According to the New York Post, Miuccia Prada sent around a company directive detailing how employees should keep their workspaces:

“Desk and work surfaces should be clean and uncluttered. Pictures, calendars, etc. should not be taped to cubicle/office walls. Pets may not be brought to the corporate office or the store. For corporate employees, all coats should be hung in the appropriate coatroom and not kept in offices or hung over cubicle walls. Window shades should be even (either completely up or completely down) throughout one side of the floor. Items may not be placed on the window sills … In addition, it is important to take a break from your workday and enjoy your lunch. Therefore, absent extenuating circumstances, lunch may not be eaten at your desk.” The memo ends with a warning that violators “may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.”

We’re all for keeping Chihuahuas in doggy day care, but no lunch at the desk? Who in America has time to take a lunch these days? This explains so much — and here we thought the fashionistas just stayed thin through sheer willpower.


Miuccia Prada Is the New Anna Wintour