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Mock-Cotton-Field Weekend Begins With ‘White’ Party

Supima president Jesse Curlee (left) with Supima
VP Buxton MidyettePhoto: Getty Images

Last night the Supima cotton held a “white” party (à la Diddy) to celebrate today’s opening of its Soho pop-up shop, which will feature clothes from AG Adriano Goldschmied, Three Dots, Zooey, and a bunch of other lovely designers. As we reported earlier, Supima will promote the store by setting up a “mock cotton field” on the corner of Broadway and Houston today and tomorrow, where they’ll hand out real cotton branches to passersby. We had to know how, oh how, they came up with this idea.

Supima’s VP of marketing, Buxton Midyette, explained they decided to set up the mock cotton field because of the response on New York streets when they shot their ad campaign here. “We had these huge crowds of people that would gather. While we were shooting with the models, we had these huge crowds forming and we thought, Hmmm, what if we thought of it as not just doing a campaign? What if we did a promotion?” Midyette explained. But what if today and tomorrow are windy? “It’s a cotton field so it’s not like it hasn’t seen that before,” he said. Touché. But what about the people who might get, um, upset? “You know, we saw the article that you wrote,” Midyette said. “And we think people will just be distracted by the beauty of it.”

Got that, everyone? Be distracted. Besides, unlike at the original arresting photo shoot, there won’t be any models around picking cotton this time — so you’ll simply have to be content with the beauty of this fake natural wonder.

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Mock-Cotton-Field Weekend Begins With ‘White’ Party