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Molly Sims Brings Major ’Tude to Texas?

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Model turned actress Molly Sims went to Austin this weekend for the Texas Film Hall of Fame Inductions. According to the Post, she brought major attitude with her to the after-party at Pangaea:

Sources say the “Las Vegas” star showed up at the Austin Film Festival after-party at Pangaea Austin last weekend and demanded guests be booted to create a VIP section for herself and 20 pals. She then told owner Michael Ault she wanted to be paid for appearing. “When Ault explained it was a benefit for the festival and he was not making any money himself, she proceeded to belittle him,” a witness said. “Her group drank six bottles of Dom Perignon, a bottle of Maker’s Mark and two bottles of vodka. The tab was $8,000 and had to be comped. The server got only a $100 tip after working overtime.”

Oh, Molly, wouldn’t just sitting in a corner looking fabulous and bored silly have been enough? You see, some of us around here grew up in Austin, and it’s not quite like New York. “Models” and “bottles” don’t have the same clout down there. Which actually makes us feel a little homesick.

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Molly Sims Brings Major ’Tude to Texas?