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India Fashion Week Show Mocks Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, inspiration.Photo: Getty Images

Paris Hilton cannot escape ridicule. At New Delhi Fashion Week, Geisha Designs poked fun at the socialite with a line of eveningwear that “sought to capture the ‘haughty self-display’ among the elite.” And instead of showing with traditional format where vamping models merely stomp about with frozen faces, the Geisha models strutted the runway as if it were a red carpet:

…[T]he Indian designers said they were just having a bit of fun at Hilton’s expense and not condemning celebrity socialites.

It’s nice to see a fashion show have a little fun with the notion of celebrity, isn’t it? Meanwhile, the real Paris Hilton is currently working on a reality show for MTV, in which twenty guys and gals will compete to be her “best friend forever.” Which makes India look even better.

’Dandy’ Paris Hilton inspires India fashion week [Reuters]

India Fashion Week Show Mocks Paris Hilton