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Pete Wentz Designs and Wears Women’s Clothes

Wentz likes tight girl jeansPhoto: FilmMagic

Pete Wentz’s Clandestine Industries label is on the verge of a major expansion, thanks to its new junior line, to be sold exclusively at Nordstrom starting in April. It will include T-shirts for $28 and hoodies for $68. Though they’re for girls, that won’t stop Wentz from wearing them. From WWD:

“Technically they will be hanging in the young women’s area, but personally I make these clothes as if they are unisex,” Wentz said. “I mean, some of the clothes are clearly just for girls, you won’t see me wearing a dress or anything, but I do like to wear a slimmer jean.”

Before anyone raises an eyebrow, we confess we know a few guys who wear ladies’ jeans (okay — some of them may even be sitting near us). And instead of just sharing hoodies, now Wentz and girlfriend Ashlee Simpson can share pants! But, seriously, Wentz has been at the design thing for a while. Last fall, he did a limited-edition Clandestine Industries line for DKNY Jeans. Since then, Clandestine Industries has been sold online and in Wentz’s Chicago boutique.

But let’s tally up the recent spate of celeb lines: All three Hills girls, Avril Lavigne, and Rachel Bilson have all gotten into the design game. For Pete’s sake, this has gotten out of control.

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Pete Wentz Designs and Wears Women’s Clothes