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Does the Pain-Free Bikini Wax Actually Exist?

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• Is there such a thing as a pain-free bikini wax? Relax and Wax No Scream Cream is designed to numb the region before the wax attack. Oh, we get it: Now you just numb it, then rip it and strip it. Still sounds painful. [Bella Sugar]

• Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids are in your skin creams, but there’s a difference: If you’re looking to beat blackheads use beta acids; if you want to soothe skin, use alpha acids. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]


• This month Estée Lauder launches Bronze Goddess, a limited-edition summer fragrance that includes coconut milk, vanilla, sandalwood, and other summery scents. [Now Smell This]

• Playboy is releasing a male fragrance as a companion to the women’s scent with Coty, Inc. Why? Anyone? [Moment/NYT]


• Henri Bendel now carries Beauty Rehab Rose Salve, a soft gloss that works on cracked, chapped lips using the active ingredients of rose oil and shea butter. [Style]

Does the Pain-Free Bikini Wax Actually Exist?