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Rami From ‘Project Runway’ to Sell at Intermix

One hot dress, and its talented creator.Photos: Courtesy of Rami Kashou (left) and Getty Images

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano might have America swooning over his whole “fierce” thing (and inexplicably so, in our book — our gay posse got over that word long ago), but Rami Kashou’s doing just fine since his line will be sold at Intermix this spring. He tells Jewcy:

I just shipped out the Spring/Summer 2008 collection, which you can find in NY at the store Intermix. I’ll also be selling a design on the Home Shopping Network. And in mid-March, I’m flying back to the East Coast to attend an event for Seeds of Peace, which aims to improve relations and encourage peace in the Middle East.

Wow. Now remember how our very own Fug Girls said he should win because he’s the most marketable? Yeah, the proof is Intermix’s coveted pudding. Check out his Spring/Summer ‘08 collection on his website, or just hit the meatpacking district when the weather gets warm, because Rami’s is the kind of stuff that drips off the party girls. Which we can fully get behind, so long as they don’t touch their toes when they dance.

Update: We’ve just spoken with Rami’s publicist — apparently there’s a mistake in the original interview, his Spring/Summer line will be selling at Big Drop, not Intermix. With all the excitement, we can’t blame him for the mix-up. And who cares? Just as long as we can buy his stuff somewhere.

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Rami From ‘Project Runway’ to Sell at Intermix