Rachel Bilson Designs Line for DKNY

Rachel Bilson and her bangs. Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities designing their own clothing lines has become about as rare as a Pomeranian at Westminster. But a celebrity designing for a big label, like DKNY? That’s more like a Pomeranian with a broken leg competing at Westminster, and today Rachel Bilson is that gimpy Pomeranian. WWD reports that the 26-year-old actress asked the folks at DKNY Jeans if she could design a line for the label and they said yes:

If Bilson moves clothes out of the stores like she moved posts out of the bloggers when she got her bangs, DKNY’s going to have a “real emotional connection” (see: sweet, sweet cash) with her too. How Bilson enables the brand to address a “more fashion-forward” customer is a bit of a mystery to us. Yes, she almost always looks good, but is she really “fashion forward”? Marion Cotillard’s fish dress at the Oscars was fashion forward. But Bilson, well, she dresses exactly like we’d want our best friend’s cool older sister to were we still, you know, 16. Cute, at times hot, and now she has bangs. And she doesn’t rock anything too crazy and edgy to scare us away. Come to think of it, maybe this pairing is a match made in heaven? See what we mean after the jump.

Left, Bilson at the Jumper premiere in New York on February 11. The bracelet is pure tack, but the dress is more than acceptable. Right, Bilson at TRL on February 12. Our art teacher wore that top in ninth-grade ceramics. Photo: Getty Images

Left, Bilson at the Dubai International Film Festival on December 13, 2007, wearing a nurse’s scrubs made into a dress. Right, Bilson at the Art of Elysium’s tenth-anniversary gala in L.A. on January 12. Plain, elegant, inoffensive.Photo:

Left, Bilson at the Jumper premiere in Japan on February 26 wearing tie-dye. Right, Bilson at Spike TV’s fifth annual Video Game Awards, on December 7, 2007. We would have had no idea how to dress for “video-game awards,” but Bilson nailed it. We think.Photo: Getty Images

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Rachel Bilson Designs Line for DKNY