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A Moment With Rami Kashou: No Time for Christian

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When we heard last week that Project Runway runner-up Rami Kashou’s clothes would be sold at Big Drop this May, we were impressed. So we rang him up for a “little chat,” as Runway dominatrix Heidi Klum might say. Unlike most high-fashion designers, he’s really good with e-mail. And unlike us, he doesn’t monitor Christian Siriano’s every move.

Since you already had an established label, what did you hope to gain from Project Runway?
I think every major fashion company or label has a publicist, and I think this was a way to gain more publicity and have more people know about the work. It’s not in a lot of stores — maybe a maximum three stores per city that we sell in. And also, maybe give a little bit of background so people could learn about the work.

Were you surprised by the final outcome?
Not really. I feel like they really liked my collection.

Were you surprised they chose such a young designer as the winner?
I think Victoria Beckham definitely helped in that case.

What do you think of Christian Siriano’s quick success after the show?
Quite frankly I have not followed up with what he’s been doing. I’m really just focused on my own line and my own projects. But I’m glad that he’s doing so well. That’s excellent, I’m happy for him.

So you haven’t read about Christian’s success at all?
I haven’t had the time. It’s really been a very intense period. So I haven’t even really had the time besides checking my endless amounts of e-mails.

You’re very prompt with those. Do you check them all personally?
So many e-mails come in. I actually go through almost all of them.

Do people write to say you should’ve won?
On MySpace they do, actually. It’s nice, but it’s done, it’s cool. It’s time to move on to new chapters and keep working on my line.

What’s your ultimate career goal?
I’d like to continue my line with total backing. I am a self-financing designer. I’d like to have the line in high-end department stores. I would like to launch an eveningwear line that’s more for red carpet and things like that. I’d like to be able to produce a lot more. And I’m open to designing for a very high-end label that I believe in, that I can contribute my vision to. As long as I can continue my own line.

What’s your dream label to design for?
I can’t even answer that. It all would depend. I love a lot of the big labels. I love Oscar de la Renta, I love Donna Karan. I mean, I’m open to opportunities. But meanwhile I have my business, I have my line.

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A Moment With Rami Kashou: No Time for Christian