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Shop-A-Matic Lipsticks: 109 Reasons to Pucker Up

If you marched into Sephora, tested every lipstick, gloss, stain, and balm, and wiped off each and every one with a tissue or, worse, a cotton pad, you would have one severely tender pout when you were all done. And we would never want that for you! So we sacrificed our kissers and performed the rather unglamorous task of testing 400 lipsticks, glosses, stains, and balms to select our 109 favorites for our latest lipsticks Shop-A-Matic.

Our picks were judged by color, scent, and price, and for your convenience, they’re organized by product type, price, and shade. Need nudes? No problem. Want to find the red lipstick that you can actually wear? We’ve got plenty. How about spring’s hottest shade, the formidable orange? Step right this way. Pinks, reds, berries — ladies, you know this routine. We’re just making it that much easier. And no, none of them smell like what Grandma wore. Find three of our favorites after the jump.

ck Calvin Klein beauty Delicious Light Glistening Lip Gloss in Ultimatum

Price: $16

Available at: Sephora

Smashbox Microcirculating Lip Gloss With Berry-C Complex in O-Gloss

Price: $22

Available at: Sephora

L’Oréal Colour Rich Lipstick in Sea Fleur

Price: $9

Available at: Drugstores

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Shop-A-Matic Lipsticks: 109 Reasons to Pucker Up