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Star Tattoo Secret Model Symbol

Clockwise from top left: Isabeli Fontana, Freja Beha (2), Daria Werbowy, Catherine McNeil, and Freja Beha.Photo: Imaxtree

Models may be blank canvases for designers to create their masterpieces, but some ladies are getting a little crafty themselves. Yes, our lovely, leggy lasses have discovered the ever-so-ubiquitous trend of tattoos. But what exactly are the girls getting inked? Everyone’s favorite L-train design: stars! Daria, Daul, Gisele, and Catherine McNeil all have them. Who said fashion wasn’t original?

Herewith, a list of other model marks:

Isabeli Fontana :
-“Zion,” her son’s name, with wings between her shoulder blades
-Barbwire on her foot
-Cancer symbol, her birth sign, on her right wrist

Freja Beha:
-“Redemption” on her left elbow
-“Float” on her neck
-“This too shall pass” on her upper left arm
-“This world tonight” on her right wrist

Daria Werbowy :
-A star and a winding series of symbols on her left foot

Suvi Koponen:
-“5” on the middle of her back, both the number of people in her family and her lucky number

Daul Kim:
-A star on the bottom of her left palm

Catherine McNeil:
-A star behind her left ear

Gisele Bündchen:
-A star on her left wrist
-Crescent moon and stars on her right ankle

Viviane Orth:
-“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” written in Portuguese between her shoulder blades

Carolyn Murphy :
-A Japanese Koi fish on her right hip, a design similar to the ink her ex Brandon Boyd has

Kendall Herbst

Star Tattoo Secret Model Symbol