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Take That, Wentz! Ashlee Simpson Has a Clothing Line

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Perhaps Ashlee Simpson turned a bit green when her boyfriend, Pete Wentz, signed on to design a clothing line for Nordstrom, because now she’s inked a deal for a line of her own (don’t slap your hand over your face just yet) for Wet Seal (now slap your hand over your face). The line will launch the same day her new album Bittersweet World launches, according to Business Wire:

The collection features designs inspired by Ashlee Simpson’s personality, sense of style and album artwork. Each piece displays Ashlee’s signature touch and will be priced in line with Wet Seal merchandise…“I was inspired by so many fun, wonderful things as I was recording BITTERSWEET WORLD and it’s been great to carry through those inspirations into these new shirt designs,” said Ashlee. “I hope my fans love this album and rock out in these shirts!”

We are so glad we’re not 12 years old anymore.

Ashlee Simpson Designs for Wet Seal to Premiere April 22nd
[Business Wire via Fashionista]
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Take That, Wentz! Ashlee Simpson Has a Clothing Line