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‘The Hills’ Returns Tonight, and Fashion PR Is a New Star

The countdown begins…Photo: Courtesy of MTV

It’s Monday, the economy is still blowing, and Dick Cheney’s playing “diplomat” over in the Middle East, but there’s good news, too: New episodes of The Hills start tonight, and it sounds like there’s some actual reality to be spoken for! According to a review of the new episodes in the New York Times, we’re in for another couch-gripping season where things turn out differently than expected. Heidi “emerges as a kind of feminist hero,” realizing that Spencer isn’t, like, so awesome, and Whitney, sick of being an assistant at Teen Vogue, lands an interview with Kelly Cutrone, the tough broad behind fashion PR firm People’s Revolution:

By showing one short job interview Whitney has with the owner of a fashion-publicity company called People’s Revolution, “The Hills” captures the delusional self-seriousness of the fashion business better than any episode of “Project Runway.” “You’ll give up your life,” the owner tells her. Of course Whitney, Lauren and Heidi already have, and America has shown its gratitude.

Hell yes, we have. We are, after all, writing about this stuff well before 10 a.m.

Career Climbing, With Claws Bared [NYT]

‘The Hills’ Returns Tonight, and Fashion PR Is a New Star