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Trouble in Paradise for Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston

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We’ve never seen Marc Jacobs and boyfriend Jason Preston act very lovey-dovey, so we’re not surprised they experienced turbulence in paradise last week. Today the Post reports they fought so badly on a recent trip to Turks and Caicos that they had to cut their vacation short:

“They fought nonstop screaming matches. The usual,” said a spy. The fighting apparently got so bad that the couple took some time apart and flew home separately on private jets back to New York. Neither Preston’s nor Jacob’s reps returned e-mails for comment.

At least they didn’t have to sit together on the plane ride back like civilian couples! But seriously: Marc, darling, we love you for you, not just your fame, riches, talent, or earlobe bling. Please find someone else who feels the same way. But, you know, as a gay man.

Also: Preston has a rep? The boy’s only claim to fame is dating Marc Jacobs. We’re getting used to — sometimes even embracing — the randoms who capitalize on reality-TV fame (cough, Hills, cough), but we don’t care for capitalizing on fame by association, particularly when you’re not even doing anything else. At least George Clooney’s girlfriend, Sarah Larson, models bathing suits. Preston doesn’t even look good in a maillot.

Now, Boys… [NYP]
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Trouble in Paradise for Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston