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Victoria Beckham Gets Her Own Reality Show!

Ultrafierce future reality-TV host!Photo: Getty Images

Project Runway may end tonight, but it’s okay: You won’t have to say good-bye to fashion or the season finale’s guest judge, Victoria Beckham. The Posh is reportedly getting her own fashion-themed reality show on Fox. Think of it as The Simple Life meets What Not to Wear but with one scowlingly hot host instead of two really annoying ones. British Marie Claire reports:

We’ll say it hasn’t. Does anyone recall the brilliance behind the Victoria Beckham: Coming to America special on NBC about her move to L.A.? In which Posh said she never wanted to be photographed eating or smiling? Or when her neighbors offered her chocolate-chip cookies and she didn’t know what to do with them? Or perhaps when she went to get a driver’s license and asked if her picture could be touched up? Which was after she was pulled over for driving poorly without a permit or license? Soon we’ll get 30 to 60 minutes of that every week. We can’t wait.

Posh to host fashion TV show [British Marie Claire via Fashionista]

Victoria Beckham Gets Her Own Reality Show!