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Victoria Beckham Launches Frock Line

The Peak of Tacky.Photo: Getty Images

She’s already got a denim line, but Victoria Beckham’s design ambitions don’t stop there. As soon as she’s done with the Spice Girls reunion tour, Posh is set to do line of “POSH frocks.” According to The People, she’s in talks to sell her signature dress collection at upscale department stores and wants her line to be more expensive than Kate Moss’s and Lily Allen’s (oooh, competitive).

Beckham has “picked up knowledge” from Roberto Cavalli and supposedly sought advice from pal Marc Jacobs. Though we normally roll our eyes when celebrities start clothing lines, we are veritably pumped about this one. What’s wrong with having a little hope? After all, Beckham has come a long way from the infamous zebra dress we like to remember as the Peak of Tacky. After the jump, we take a look at some of our favorite Spice Girl’s recent outfits for an indication of what we hope to see on the racks sometime soon. And homegirl isn’t as bad as you’d think.

Left, Beckham performs at the Spice Girls reunion tour on February 18. We kind of like the seashell effect of her top but are on the fence about its cleavage-zoning strings. Right, Beckham takes her son to FAO Schwarz in New York on February 9, which was a Saturday, but we call it Sunday best.Photo: Getty Images

Left, Beckham in eveningwear at the Marc Jacobs show in New York on February 8. Right, Beckham in daywear at the Project Runway show in New York on February 8, which she guest-judged. Note the absence of cleavage in both.Photo: Wire Image, Getty Images

Left, Beckham near the Royalton Hotel on February 7 — we feel like capes can be fashionable and functional. Right, star power is ass power at Beckham’s Saks Fifth Avenue promo event for her DVB denim line on January 30. Only she can pull off the back-of-outfit shot without turning her head.Photo: Getty Images

Left, Beckham backstage at the Spice Girls concert with Eva Longoria in Manchester on January 23. Skintight bronze with cleavage strings upstages a white shift dress any day. Right, Beckham with Roland Mouret at his menswear show in Paris on January 23. Victoria doesn’t wear men.Photo: Getty Images

Beckham clutches purses, not Spice Girls, at the Roberto Cavalli menswear show in Milan on January 14.Photo: WireImage

We wouldn’t be surprised to see those boob strings on a dress or two from her new line. Also, Beckham is one of the few people in the world to shun legwear even in New York in February, which we find both refreshing and uncomfortable. And if a celebrity designer is actually going to challenge us like that, we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Victoria Beckham Launches Frock Line