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Victoria Beckham Sacrifices Her Sense of Self for British ‘Vogue’

From left, Left, Posh with straight hair and no ruffles judging Project Runway; Posh will appear in the pages of British Vogue with curled hair and many ruffles.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

We confess we were miffed when Victoria Beckham went nuts for Christian Siriano’s collection in the Project Runway season finale and proclaimed she would love, even feel honored, to wear his clothes. Beckham may not be known for her minimalist fashion sense (when Roberto Cavalli designs your tour clothes, subtlety just isn’t for you), but even we were surprised she went so gaga for Siriano’s ruffle-and-feather parade.

Maybe her recent British Vogue shoot had something to do with her new ruffle love. Posh graces the cover of the issue hitting newsstands Monday, and the mag’s Website has two, yes, two videos of Posh in all her behind-the-scenes glory. The first, a short montage with photographer Nick Knight, has our girl drowning in huge, billowing ruffled gowns. In numero dos, we find out that Posh agreed to give up final approval and let the editors go wild. Mon dieu! Is there Xanax around? How can the image-control freak that she is let this happen? Did she not have a massive spaz-out? “I think she got a little bit nervous when she saw the hair tongs coming out,” editor Alexandra Shulman says. Now that’s the kind of video we wanna see!

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Victoria Beckham Sacrifices Her Sense of Self for British ‘Vogue’