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Test-drive: Loeffler Randall for Target

The flats and our new favorite bagPhoto: Everett Bogue

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have closets of borrowed accessories waiting to be worn out for a night or two. No Loubs for that special dinner. And that MJ bag? Forget it. And though we’ve been begging for a wardrobe allowance, the powers that be just haven’t coughed it up. So we do what any self-respecting (and broke) fashion eds do: We hit up Target’s GO lines.

Alas, oftentimes when we open the boxes, we’re totally let down. The little photos on Target’s Website aren’t always representative of what you get, and we sometimes end up with something that doesn’t look like it cost $30. Or worse yet, we find ourselves in possession of pants that won’t get past our hips though they swear they’re a size 6. And with our boobs, we’re not even sure we want to try Jovovich-Hawk. So with fingers crossed we ordered a Loeffler Randall cream tote and black patent cinch flats. The reader reviews said the bag smelled funky, so we weren’t sure what we’d end up with.

But here’s where we get all service-y: The bag rocks. We won’t lie — it totally smells weird. It’s made from polyurethane and your seatmates on the train will be well aware of that fact. But it’s cute, roomy, and not pricey. In fact, it looks moderately expensive, and the gold lining kind of made our day. We just need to figure out how to de-scent it and we’ll be rocking it tomorrow. And the flats? Very Loeffler Randall (though on the narrow side, so order up a half size if you’ve got wide feet). Ladies, we can proudly say that we scored this time. And now we wait for Botkier… —Amina Akhtar

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Test-drive: Loeffler Randall for Target