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Why Heatherette Missed Fashion Week

Goooo sequins!Photo: WireImage

Not showing at February Fashion Week worked out pretty well for Heatherette designers Traver Rains and Richie Rich. Instead of a clothing collection, they created a makeup line for M.A.C inspired by bubble tape and glitter. Rains also had time to work on a record that drops July 1. “It’s totally fun, eclectic,” he said Tuesday night at the launch party for the M.A.C line. “I sing on it, there’s also, like, Fergie on it, the Scissor Sisters, Mika, a bunch of other people.”

So what exactly happened with Fashion Week? “I feel like we’re young and still growing and like, we just didn’t like the elements being pushed into the wrong time slots on the calendar. You know what — Heatherette didn’t start by going to fashion school,” Rains explained. “We were kind of just switching backers. I saw Marc Jacobs and he’s like, ‘I went through 20 backers.’ We just didn’t want to be pushed into something we didn’t really want to do.” The duo confirmed they will definitely show at the next fashion week, however. Exhale; that’s enough with the business stuff. “I love your sequins,” cooed Rains. OMG — Heatherette loved our sequins! We can die now.

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Why Heatherette Missed Fashion Week