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Holes in Britain’s Winehouse-Cavalli Gossip

Rumors surfaced in London over the weekend that Amy Winehouse is in talks with Roberto Cavalli to receive a lifetime supply of his clothes to wear at public events and gigs. Now this could very well be a truthful rumor because Winehouse and animal print are friends and lately she’s become a bandwagon on which the fashion flock is fighting for space (Karl Lagerfeld created an entire fall collection inspired by her, she performed at the Fendi party in Paris, and the Costume Institute’s gala board is considering her to perform at their annual fête). Apparently Posh Spice told Cavalli she thinks Winehouse is a style icon because of her unique look, which prompted the purported talks.

However, we’re a bit skeptical of this story for two reasons:

1. The Mirror spelled Cavalli “Cavelli” in its headlines, so clearly accuracy was on the backburner when they cooked that article up.

2. The Mirror and British Vogue used the same quote but can’t decide who said it. The Mirror reports:

But British Vogue reports:

It’s not really a surprise that British gossip about Amy Winehouse is such a mess. It kind of goes with her beehive.

Amy Winehouse offered Cavelli deal thanks to Posh [Mirror]
SHE’S IN FASHION [British Vogue]

Holes in Britain’s Winehouse-Cavalli Gossip