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A Kids’ Book About Plastic Surgery; the ‘Sack’ Wax

So very wrong.Photo:

• Coming this Mother’s Day: A children’s book called My Beautiful Mommy that explains to kids they should be happy about Mommy’s plastic surgery because in the end she’ll look more beautiful and feel better about herself. It’s really fucked up. [Newsweek via Feministing]

• The L.A. salon Boom Boom Beauty Bar officially opens its New York branch next week but just couldn’t resist flinging its doors open for Spa Week, going on now through April 20. The salon’s clever menu includes a variety of waxes, including the “back, crack, and sack” for men. Yes, sack. [Gotta Spa]

• The new “technologies” unveiled at a personal-care-products conference in Amsterdam include Permethol, an ingredient that promises to slim tired, flabby legs and treat rosacea. Sounds doubtful. [Cosmetics & Toilettries]

• This year is the first in which consumers can vote for their favorite fragrances to determine the winners of the FiFi Awards (the Oscars for fragrances). Since — let’s be honest — it’s unlikely people will visit the FiFi site to vote, they’ve set up voting stations on MySpace, Facebook, and other social-networking sites. [Lipstick Powder ‘N Paint]

Vera Wang’s new Bouquet bridal fragrance falls into that category of perfumes that all smell the same. Oh, Vera, just because it’s bridal doesn’t mean it can’t stand out! [Now Smell This]

A Kids’ Book About Plastic Surgery; the ‘Sack’ Wax