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Agyness Deyn Takes Over ‘i-D’ Magazine

The May issue of i-D is devoted to Agyness Deyn. For the first time in its 28-year history, the magazine proclaims, it devoted an entire issue to one person. Why Aggy? We’ll assume you haven’t been living with blue whales for the past year and know that she’s a big-deal model these days. But here’s how i-D editor Ben Reardon explains it:

She is the model of the moment, has bagged the London Fashion week cover of Grazia, appeared in the papers more often than a popstar, presented at top award shows, appeared on prime time UK chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and scooped the cover of Time, whilst the brilliant website Perez Hilton describes her as “ferocious, diva, fierce” and “YUM!” All for a 25-year-old former chip shop worker from Rawtenstall in Manchester.

Um, yeah, aside from “brilliant” Perez’s adoration, she’s the face of Burberry and walks miles of runway every season for what seems like every major designer in the world. You might be wondering how an issue devoted to one model can sustain itself. But this does so rather well. Here’s why:

1. If you look up “versatility” in the dictionary, you’ll see Aggy’s face.
Photo spreads include shots of Aggy dressed as a man (happy trail included), Aggy with no makeup, Aggy with paint all over her face, Aggy with Vivienne Westwood, Aggy topless with various nipple rings, Aggy doing high fashion, Aggy doing glamour girl in red-carpet fashion, and Aggy completely naked. Yes, full frontal.

2. She’s quirky, and not in a fake way.
The girl wrote a letter to Buckingham Palace asking to interview the queen, and Buckingham Palace wrote her back. i-D printed both letters. She also styled a shoot with a suitcase of her own clothes that included yellow-plaid pants up to her boobs that, naturally, looked well on her. She also has a shirt that says, “We are all prostitutes.”

3. She’s capable of interviewing Vivienne Westwood.
She touched on global warming, the value of being a role model, conveying messages through clothes, and literature.

4. She’s not a models/bottles kind of girl.
Her favorite New York hangouts include Don Hills, Fat Cats, Annex, the Dark Room, and Dempsey’s Irish Bar.

5. Her hair, Goddamn it!
A photo spread and Q&A with Aggy are devoted to her hair. She’s been chopping it off for years and likes it with dark roots showing. She calls it “tobacco-stained.”

6. All the glorious photos.
Enjoy a taste…

Left, Aggy in candy-inspired colors. Right, there’s that happy trail we were talking about.Photo: i-D

She’s gorgeous with zero makeup on the left, and, on the right, she’s high-fashioned out. Photo: i-D

Yes, she’s totally nude with a bunch of white balloons. And, yes, she’s treating Vivienne Westwood like a mantle.Photo: i-D

A European fashion magazine just wouldn’t be a European fashion magazine without a breast shot. And Agyness Deyn just wouldn’t be Agyness Deyn without faux rockets coming out of hers.Photo: i-D

Agyness Deyn Takes Over ‘i-D’ Magazine