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All-Black Italian ‘Vogue’ in the Works? Carla Bruni for Asda?

Jourdan Dunn: future cover girl?Photo: imaxtree

• Steven Meisel reportedly shot an entire issue of Italian Vogue using only black models. We hope it’s for real, because it would be epic. [Fashionista]

• Asda has dropped Coleen McLoughlin as the face of its campaign in hopes that Carla Bruni will model for the label. Seems unlikely, but we’d die from excitement if it happened. [Guardian]

• Christian Lacroix will design the interior of a residential tower in Dubai. He said, “The interiors will be based on paradox — contemporary and baroque, blending East and West, old and new, inspired by history and folklore.” That’s our Lacroix! [British Vogue]

• Barack Obama’s campaign put three young men in Abercrombie & Fitch–logo T-shirts directly behind the senator during his concession speech for the Pennsylvania primary to bolster his youth appeal. The honchos at Abercrombie were delighted and offered to help Hilary Clinton do the same thing. [WWD]

• Socialite Muffie Potter Aston: “I’m a Demapublican.… I started out life as a Republican, then became a Republicrat, now I’m a Demapublican. I guess you could say I’m evolving.” She really is amazing. [WWD]

• In case you haven’t noticed those flats with the gold swirly plates on them on every other woman in this city, do know that Tory Burch’s business is booming. [WWD]

• Hey, fellas, guess what? Wearing bright colors and mixing patterns is okay, as long as you don’t look like you got dressed in the dark. So, you know, good luck. [NYT]

• The Grove is a shopping center in L.A. that’s full of chain stores like the Gap, Arden B., and Banana Republic. Mike Albo says it’s “creepy and fake, but at least it’s honest about it,” which is why he loves shopping there while sipping Frappuccinos. [NYT]

• We were right about Olivia Palermo! She is dating male model Johannes Huebl. Embarrassingly, that excitement is kind of genuine. [NYP]

Top Chef’s model-host Padma Lakshmi has a new boyfriend, too. Damn spring lovebirds. [NYP]

• Gisele Bündchen was spotted in a car with Sylvester Stallone. Yeah, just the two of them. Awkward. [NYP]

All-Black Italian ‘Vogue’ in the Works? Carla Bruni for Asda?