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Amy Winehouse, Amusement Axed From Met Gala

Someone get this girl a bacon cheeseburger already.Photo: © Chicago / PA Photos / Retna Ltd.

Blast! Amy Winehouse will not attend the Costume Institute’s spring gala this year. We’re so disappointed. We were counting on her to bring funk, spunk, and awkwardness to one of the city’s most clean-cut fashion affairs. Now who is gala host Anna Wintour supposed to so amusingly avoid and possibly get caught scowling at? Unlike for the Grammys, Winehouse even obtained a business visa to travel to the U.S. for the fête. But then event organizers, who had said they were considering having WiHo perform, told the Daily Mail they have “moved on” from her. They didn’t reveal why she was cut from the lineup, but the Daily Mail makes it sound like WiHo and her label kinda, sorta agree she shouldn’t attend because she has these problems:

1. She looked really gaunt and frail last week in paparazzi pictures.

2. She has a really bad skin problem, which could be a result of her drug use.

3. See above re: drug use. (If you want to get technical, the News of the World says she was seen snorting cocaine with Peaches Geldoff.)

Maybe the girl should get her ass to rehab already so she can finally make a trip over here and deliver those soul stylings of hers Americans are clamoring for. And if anything could use a soul injection, the Costume Institute gala would certainly be it.

Amy up to her old ways as she’s axed by US show [Daily Mail]
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Amy Winehouse, Amusement Axed From Met Gala