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Anti-Fur People Harass Donna Karan. Again.

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Donna Karan’s Hamptons home is sporting new decorations thanks to some anti-fur folk. The Daily News reports that someone used pink spray paint to write “Bunny Butcher” with an arrow pointing to Karan’s house:

An animal-rights group calling itself the Paint Panthers claimed responsibility for the weekend graffiti attack. Its “artwork” also includes a sad cartoon rabbit painted on Hedges Banks Drive, thinking: “I don’t wanna be a handbag.”

PETA has nothing to do with the Paint Panthers, but PETA president Ingrid Newkirk chimed in anyway. “If Donna Karan stopped making clothes out of tortured bunnies, we’d be out of her life faster than you can say ‘yoga mat,’” she told the paper.

Donna Karan last came under attack for using fur when a PETA representative infiltrated her Manhattan home with a portable DVD player and footage of animals getting skinned. We don’t understand why Karan in particular gets so much heat for this issue when she is one of many designers who uses fur in their collections. We can’t even recall the fur from her recent fall runway shows we attended at New York Fashion Week, but we’ll never forget the unsanitized fur (eyes, teeth, claws, and snouts included!) in the Jean Paul Gaultier show at Paris Fashion Week. Yeah, he’s in France, but who says activists can’t have priorities?

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Anti-Fur People Harass Donna Karan. Again.