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Australia Bans Young Models; Gisele May Star in ‘Austin Powers’

Uhhhh, groovy baby?Photo: Patrick McMullan

• Models under 16 can no longer walk at Australian Fashion Week. Outcry over young models began after a provocative publicity image of Polish IMG model Monika Jagaciak was sent to an Australian paper and it was later learned she was only 14 years old. You know, when we were 14, we were bedazzling Keds during Saved by the Bell reruns. [WWD]

Gisele Bündchen may star as the female lead in the fourth Austin Powers movie, which means we might actually have to see it. [British Vogue]

Belstaff is designing a limited-edition line of Free Tibet jackets. Just in time for the Summer Olympics! [British Vogue]

Prada probably won’t go public in June. We’re assuming you know a thing or two about the current state of the economy so we won’t bore you by explaining why. [WWD]

Oscar de la Renta is the lucky winner picked to design Jenna Bush’s gown for her May 10 wedding, though no one yet knows what the exact design is. We find the pairing rather awkward since De la Renta takes vacations with the Clintons. [WWD]

• Busted! A husband and wife who owned a warehouse on Long Island stocked with more than $2 million of counterfeit goods may face felony charges. Police suspect at least 40 companies were selling the couple counterfeit merchandise. [WWD]

• The Hearst building in Hell’s Kitchen is setting up fake storefronts for brands like Anna Sui and Alberta Ferretti for the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie currently filming. [Shophound]

Jessica Stam and Michelle Trachtenberg barely ate their dinner the other night at the Gramercy Park Hotel but “demolished” the bread basket they ordered for dessert. See, carbs are okay! [NYDN]

• In totally unsurprising news, a bunch of Project Runway bloggers are unsettled about the show’s move to the Lifetime network, because, well, it’s Lifetime and the programming includes Golden Girls reruns instead of Bravo’s punchy, gay content. [NYT]

• Shopadele.com is a boutique in Laguna Beach, but don’t let its locale fool you: Two New Yorkers founded it, so their pieces by independent designers are très chic. [Shop Girl/Lucky]

• Elton John has his own fragrance line, but someone saw him buy twelve bottles of Tom Ford fragrance in Las Vegas. Because two or even six just wouldn’t have been enough. [NYP]

Australia Bans Young Models; Gisele May Star in ‘Austin Powers’