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Bloomingdale’s to Stay Open Even If Workers Strike

Photo: Tema Stauffer

Last week we learned Bloomingdale’s was having difficulty reaching an agreement with its workers’ union on a new contract, and fears of a strike emerged. The talks continued over the weekend, but an agreement, namely over compensation, still hasn’t been reached. If the two sides can’t come to an agreement by Wednesday at 6 p.m., the workers are authorized to strike. However, Bloomingdale’s will do whatever it can to keep its doors open rather than close and lose millions of dollars. WWD reports:

The two sides are scheduled to meet again today, when Bloomingdale’s “will begin to take the first steps of management’s plan to keep the store running,” [a] spokesman said, adding that the flagship would be staffed by buyers, merchandisers and others if necessary. While the talks resume, “we’re still talking about contingency plans,” he noted.

Hear that? Buyers may staff the store. On the one hand, they may know a bit more about the product they’re selling, which could be fun for shoppers, but we foresee no way they’ll efficiently operate the cash wrap. So if you actually need to purchase things at the good Bloomingdale’s, do yourself a favor and take a long lunch between now and Wednesday.

The Economic Squeeze: Bloomingdale’s, Union In Talks Over Contract [WWD]
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Bloomingdale’s to Stay Open Even If Workers Strike