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Bravo Begins the Arduous Process of Pimping Rachel Zoe’s Show

No. Do not want.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Fresh off last week’s stinging announcement that Project Runway had been snatched away and sold to the mom-tastic folks at Lifetime, Bravo sent out a press release announcing an increase in its programming hours by 45 percent and all that stuff. More important, they’ve got a rundown of all their returning series and new shows and specials, just to remind us that with or without Heidi, they’re still the splashy ones. And buried deep, deep within that lengthy list of Bravo programming (and we’ll spare you of that), there’s the horror, the inevitable, that which we all knew was coming but still dreaded all the same:

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, will star in the docu-drama “The Rachel Zoe Project”, along with her trusted inner circle – husband Rodger and fashion team, Taylor and Brad, as they endeavor to take Zoe’s business to the next level. In the series, the perfectly styled, go-to force among “it” starlets, fashion houses, beauty firms and magazine editors will give viewers a fly on the wall look at how she juggles constant deadlines, fashion shows and celebrity clients.

Oh, good: Her business is going to be taken to the “next level.” We hope it involves dressing up her dogs in teeny-tiny slouchy dresses and giant doggy sunglasses! Even worse, the release doesn’t give an air date. Which means this thing is gonna sneak up on us all when we least expect it. When we’re not looking. When we’re the most vulnerable. —Jessica Coen

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Bravo Begins the Arduous Process of Pimping Rachel Zoe’s Show