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Breaking: Nina Garcia Out at ‘Elle’ (Updated)

Photo: Patrick McMullan

In our inboxes from WWD:

Nina Garcia Said to Be Out at Elle
Sources say editor and title have parted ways.

Speechless, jaws dropped, etc. But this happens after months of speculation, Garcia’s maternity leave, creative director Joe Zee’s arrival — and, though Nina was in the offices this morning, by the afternoon the office was in full-blown rumor-mill mode about her departure. And there you have it. Now you’ve got something to talk about over after-work drinks!

Special Saturday Update: This intel just landed in the comments:

From someone in the know, her office was entirely boxed, packed, and waiting in the hallways addressed to her home on the upper east by 5pm yesterday. Plus, the gaggle of crying assistants dragging deflated cardboard down the hall for assembly, in addition to Nina’s demonstrative speaking behind closed doors (made visible by a glass partition) also prompts one to believe that she was not leaving of her own accord.

Nina Garcia Said to Be Out at Elle [WWD]

Breaking: Nina Garcia Out at ‘Elle’ (Updated)