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Umbrellas and Wellies That Are Actually Cute

Clockwise from bottom left, Chanel boot, Tray 6 umbrella, Davek umbrella, Kenneth Cole Boot.

It’s nice out today (what — does the Pope exhale sunshine?), but Al Roker predicts showers for Monday and beyond. Bleh. But we don’t want you sloshing around in ugly Wellies. There are far, far too many these days, and seeing them on the streets is the opposite of our favorite. So we combed all of this fair city for the best waterproof accessories — including the stylish Wellies and fabulous umbrellas they don’t sell at subway entrances — for our latest Shop-A-Matic. All budgets, from Target to Gucci, are accounted for — but enjoy some of our favorite picks below. Really, don’t you think it’s time for a new umbrella … ella … ella … Goddamn, Rihanna. We’re starting to resent the girl.

Grass Umbrella by Tray 6
Price: $65
Why we like it: It has grass on it. Think of all the jokes you can make about “watering” it.

Traveler Umbrella by Davek
Price: $95
Why we like it: This umbrella comes with a “guarantee card,” which gets you two replacement umbrellas if you lose it. Seriously, you need this.

For Women:
Neon Heel Rain Boot by Chanel
Price: $275
Why we like it: We’re into the cool neon heel. How could you resist adding a little flash to that splash? C’mon, it makes for such an easy rhyme.

For Men:
Silver Rain Boot by Kenneth Cole
Price: $48
Why we like it: It’s simple and clean, but the subtle black seal celebrates the shoemaker’s 25th anniversary. — Sharon Clott

Umbrellas and Wellies That Are Actually Cute