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Charlotte Gainsbourg for Ghesquière; Hermés Sues eBay

Charlotte GainsbourgPhoto: Getty Images

• Rumor has it that Charlotte Gainsbourg will be the next celebrity model in a Nicolas Ghesquière campaign, following Jennifer Connelly. Guess he’s got a thing for skinny brunettes. [WWD]

• Today in copyright wars: French eBay offered counterfeit Hermés merchandise, Hermés noticed and sued, and now French eBay owes Hermés almost $50,000. Christian Dior also won a suit against a jewelry chain because it allegedly copied one of its fine-jewelry designs. And designers in this country are still fighting for copyright protection on the gritty alleys off Canal Street every day… [WWD]

• Lenny Kravitz will wear twenty full looks by Frida Giannini for Gucci when his tour debuts in Vigo, Spain. We’re pretty girlie over here, but that’s a crap ton of outfit changes. [British Vogue]

• Fashion Week in Russia took some inspiration from the Price Is Right: At the end of one show, a new car model was revealed and models promptly draped themselves all over it. Thankfully, no one “important” was there to watch this egregious display of sponsor love. [WWD]

Helena Christensen says she, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington have really big appetites. Well, they’re all tall? [NYDN]

Jessica Stam and Jared Leto might be an item. Hm. [NYDN]

• Lots of interesting shoe porn in the April edition of Numéro, including high-heeled sandals with fun socks (if that’s your kink). [Style Bubble]

• One writer just had to have the Eiffel Tower handbag made of carved wood that appears in Sex and the City: The Movie. She bought one at Patricia Field’s New York boutique (for $400) and took it to brunch at Cafeteria — where the waitress loved it. Like, omigod. [Telegraph]

• Sarah Jessica Parker says confidence is sexier than clothes. She also loves Kate Moss’s style. [Mirror]

• Speaking of, it actually is possible for Kate Moss to take a bad picture. Like, really bad. Here she’s wearing a yellow waterproof poncho and riding a log flume at Universal Studios. Sure, context is important. But still. [British Vogue]

• Fresh has an edgy new rose scent called “cannabis rose.” See, they are naughty. [WWD]

• Chopard made an “M-dolla” knuckle ring for Madonna. It actually spells out “M-dolla” in diamonds. This is just too much, and we mean that in every possible way. [WWD]

Charlotte Gainsbourg for Ghesquière; Hermés Sues eBay