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Cheaper Bras Are More Satisfying Than Expensive Ones

From top, La Perla Vintage, $127, Gilligan and

O’Malley, $11, Victoria’s Secret Ipex demi, $45.Photo:

The next time you head to Target to shop its latest Go line, don’t forget to hit up the bra department. According to Consumer Reports they carry some of the most satisfying breast supports. A poll revealed 22 percent of women are unsatisfied with their bra purchases, so the magazine, justifiably disturbed, took a break from frozen dinners and mini–food processors to test-run three bras of the same style at three different price levels. The test involved hand-washing each bra three times and having a panel of women with 34B breasts wear and critique each. They included a $127 La Perla Vintage, a $45 Victoria’s Secret Ipex demi, and an $11 Gilligan & O’Malley padded demi. What did they find? The cheapest bra was the best:

Bra-vo! [The Gilligan & O’Malley padded demi] has better cup molding than the Victoria’s Secret bra; the underwire is flexible and well padded, so it won’t pinch or poke. This bra (sold at Target) also held up better after washing. All three panelists found it comfortable, with a good fit.

And you can spend the cash you saved on some stylin’ new shoes. Everyone wins!

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Cheaper Bras Are More Satisfying Than Expensive Ones