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Clip-on Bangs Scare Us

Real hair is always better than fake hair.Photo: Getty Images

You know those mall booths that sell hair pieces? The scrunchies with the curly fake strands that are supposed to blend in with real strands but obviously never, ever could, because they look like Barbie hair? Yeah, we know you know what we’re talking about; admit it. Well, those scrunchies have a new cousin: clip-on bangs! We wish we were kidding. The fringe trend has spread so much (thanks, Christina Ricci and Rachel Bilson!) that gals afraid to man up and just cut their darn hair (honestly, it grows back) are experimenting with clip-on bangs. Here’s what happened to one blogger who got a pair and was very excited about wearing them:

I’m beginning to suspect that they are just impossible to put on properly. First it is very hard to clip it onto your hair, because it needs to grasp onto some hair first (difficult to explain properly, but the point is, its hard!). Then, when you DO get it clipped on, it is NOT STRAIGHT. And you cannot have straight bangs that are not straight. If you DO manage to get it half straight and your real bangs are not falling out at this point, you face the problem of color. Apparently, there are many shades of black. I thought that my hair would be fine, since I already dye it an artificial blue black and the clip on bangs were an artificial black as well.

Thank God they’re not functional. There’s a higher power at work here.

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Clip-on Bangs Scare Us